Can You Escape This Workshop?

Everything can be made more fun and more engaging with my Escape Room style Puzzle Boxes. Participants work in groups to unlock the clues. Meanwhile, they are reading and applying the skills we want them to learn! Click here for more information or see the workshop in action below, starting at 1:30. 

I can bring this activity to you, at your organization, for your team. The puzzles can be designed to create the experiences and outcomes you are most interested in, from specific training content participants interact with to solve the problems, to puzzle structures that require participants to engage in behaviors you wish for, such as ice-breakers, negotiation, cooperation or performance tasks.

Does it ever feel like the keynotes and breakouts are happening on different planets?

The keynotes are inspiring, usually about boldness or creativity or passion or risk.

The breakouts are about clockwork-detailed takeaways.

We don't know how to use the keynotes. We don't know why to use the breakouts.

This talk is about helping us learn how to fill that gap, using lessons from across the spectrum of human knowledge, from improv and jazz to the psychology of gratitude, from pop art and scifi to Wittgenstein pulling out his hair to Winnie the Pooh and the science of play.

Let's make connections.