Communication is balance.

Steven Vrooman, speaking on Twitter at TEDxSanAntonio.


Communication is an act of balance, fraught and uncertain.

We respond to that uncertainty tactically. We assess. We use metrics, analytics. We drive forward, whether we are communicating in a classroom or via social media. 

But sometimes we don't know where we are driving. We aren't telling our story in the haze of all the busy, busy work we think we need to do to keep up.

We have sacrificed connections and engagement. We've lost the magic.

Dr. Vrooman, delivering a social media keynote at TSAE.

For Your Event

I speak about connections. Whether my topic is creativity, social media or higher education, it's all about how we connect better with each other.

You want me on stage with a slidedeck? Fine. 

You want me roaming the seats with a mic and talking to people? Great.

You want the audience directing us to their live content for in-the-moment critique, development and workshopping? Awesome.

Book Steven:


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