Steven Vrooman, speaking on Twitter at TEDxSanAntonio.

Nerd Power

I wear cat suspenders. My talks on interactivity rely on Dungeons and Dragons. My book is about what we can learn about public speaking from zombies. My signature social media concept is called "The Sizzling Mustache Principle."

I am a Professor of Communication, which means I am an expert on public speaking, social media and leadership, but I also teach popular culture, comic books and game design. 

If the nerds really are taking over the world, I will be your guide.

Dr. Vrooman, delivering a social media keynote at TSAE.

For Your Event

I bring a high-energy, high-humor performance, filled with audience interaction and discussion. 

You want me on stage with a slidedeck? Fine. You want me roaming the seats with a mic and talking to people? Great. You want the audience directing us to their live content for in-the-moment critique, development and workshopping? Awesome.

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