Steven's TEDxSanAntonio talk, "Our Brains Are A'Twitter"


Not Another Social Media Keynote!

Stop me if you've heard this one before: 

7 quick key proven surprising must-try data-driven 

hacks tips phrases keywords tactics shares wins


increase supercharge rock blow away crush kill shred expode

(getting rough in here...)

leads traffic views sales reach SEO rank shares likes

You can't beat the system by spewing content and mopping up with analytics. You need a strategy.

And it starts with you. Your identity as an organization. Which is filled with people. And experiences. And ideas. And is in business for a reason.

In this keynote, customized with analysis of your social media feeds, we will talk about how to build your social media presence into destinations. You know, where people stay awhile. Maybe scroll. Maybe engage. Maybe click something. Something of yours. Something that matters.

A User's Guide to Inspiration

Does it ever feel like the keynotes and breakouts are happening on different planets? 

The keynotes are inspiring, usually about boldness or creativity or passion or risk.

The breakouts are about clockwork-detailed takeaways.

We don't know how to use the keynotes. We don't know why to use the breakouts.

This talk is about helping us learn how to fill that gap, using lessons from across the spectrum of human knowledge, from improv and jazz to the psychology of gratitude, from pop art and scifi to Wittgenstein pulling out his hair to Winnie the Pooh and the science of play.

Let's make connections.

Revising Public Speaking

Can we integrate public speaking across the curriculum, into any discipline, with any faculty member?


Can we teach it in new and creative ways? 


Let's add some failure, better feedback and revision to the tired old model. 

Speaker One Sheet (pdf)


Steven's inaugural keynote for the Engaging Pedagogy Conference, "Teaching Is Persuasion."